Launch the Safety Handbook


Power Smart continuously implement an effective safety management system and is committed to protecting the occupational safety and health of workers at work.  This is our mission.

We believe that Power on Safe Working & Smart on Risk Controlling.  Therefore while strengthening front-line supervision, we are also committed to providing workers with appropriate information and training on occupational safety and health.  By this two-pronged approach, we able change their mindset and aim to create a safe working environment.  This is our vision to achieve "zero accident“.

This Construction Safety Handbook was edited and produced through the experience of the company's management and frontline foremen, plus preventive measures after analyzing the hazards and risks of our trade practices.  In order to facilitate workers' memory and hand on these practices easily, we used concise sentences, interesting pictures, and reminders of “Does" and “Don’t Does“, wishing to achieve the result with half the effort !

The launch of this safety handbook is only part of our long-term safety work!  We hope that all stakeholders will continue to give our company affirmation and support in safety, environmental and quality affair.  We do hope to receive your feedback and go forward together to make continuous improvement.  Thanks!